Middle Of The Night Stress

Can’t Sleep?


Wondering and worrying about irrelevant stuff in life?

This post is for you it is 12:33 right now where I am and I can’t sleep I’m to worried about if I’ll look cute tomorrow or for no good reason whatsoever (as a teen or preteen you’ll understand) breakout in pimples and look hideous what would I do? and what is gonna happen in the next episode of … or what is gonna happen in the next chapter of … should I really wear that… how am I going to style my hair braids or bun or curled ?????? Is that ever you well you can either try counting sheep pfft that never works how about get up and stress clean well you could but then you’d look even worse then your worrying about looking “dark circles ”

My point is getting sleep is important and you just need to breathe typical huh well it is annoyingly true us young women get to worked up about a lot of things but seriously STOP JUST STOP AND RELAX

What you need to do in the morning is plan out your day and if you really can’t stick to schedules make it a timing game seriously sometimes I need to clean my room,shower, have me time, do homework,etc. and i totally panic I start trying to do everything and it all ends up into me binge watching Pretty Little Liars, eating whoppers, and to worried about who “A” is then trying to focus on what actually needs done. Do you ever do that? Well I do for a fact and I like to look at a clock and be like «OK SELF YOU ARE GOING TO DO A HALF HOUR OF HOMEWORK GO SHOWER and then play on your phone and eat candy » or I write an actual schedule of what needs done and sees how much I can get done in an hour thats my advice now I really should get to sleep and maybe you should too sleep now and plan tomorrow it will be fine you are nestled into your bed all cozy and possibly warm depends on your climate truly ok sleep good. Good Night girladvice readers I appreciate you all and sleep well!!

Home Spa Day

  • Do you ever want to get pampered but don’t have the money well today I will be talking to you about how to get pampered at home!!
  • Spa Day Essentials:
    1. Face
    • A Skip The Spa (Detox Facial Brush) you can get it at five Bel°w for 5$ it is a great deal. It has four heads a cleansing brush which really cleans deep within your pores and is great for removing makeup and oil. The second one is a sponge that honestly just feels so so good and promotes the absorption of face creams and cleansers. The third one is a rolling massager and Oh My Gosh it feels so so sooo so good like it doesn’t only feel amazing but it actually stimulates cell growth too . Ok finally the last head is a exfoliating pumice stone and I’m sure its nice for some people but I personally didn’t like it cos it ended up giving me a breakout but if you do breakout I’m sure just a warm wet washcloth will clear it up anyway the pumice stone I just wanna say don’t not give it a shot just because it wasn’t my favorite because I have a friend that gets a super dry face and she loves it ok enough about this product I will have a link in the end of the blog for it
    • Ok next your face is detoxed if ya want to use a face mask I highly suggest this leave on its anti pollution and for all skin types I got this one at five Bel°w for 4bucks Trust me it feels amazing I will leave a link at the end as well for this product
    • Now you can do your makeup or if you don’t do makeup thats ok to just skip this makeup section

    2. Makeup

    • Here are my makeup preferences

    It is Ulta Beauty I’m so sorry I don’t remember how much or what collection it is but it is an eyeshadow pallet and mixed pallet of blush and bronzer I usually use Equinox and Starburst eyeshadow blended together

    The Mascara is Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion I bought it at Walmart along with a Burts Bees rose tinted lip balm all of the makeup I use is cruelty free just in case your wondering and if you are interested in these products I will also put the links at the end of this post.

    3. Nails

    Ok every girl knows that good nails is perfect for looking pulled together and is essential to a spa day right ? So rather you like using fake nails or painting your nails yourself you must buff and file them first so grab a nail file and buffer and make them shine and then paint them your favorite color or fake nails and then your done

  • 4. Relaxation
    • Light some candles ( if your not aloud thats ok , maybe you can use a oil diffuser with lavender oil in it)
      Read a book ( if you don’t have a good book to read download Libby it is an app that can connect to your nearest library if you have a library card and look up self care books or calming books
      Download Calm on your phone
      Listen to music you like rather its heavy metal or classic , pop or rap make sure it what YOU like



    Since I love you all I found a $3.70 one🔽




    Ok I’m officially done with my post I hope you have a great Memorial Day I might not post tomorrow stay calm and have fun

    Hello World!!!

    I have created a blog.

    This blog !

    It will be full of girl tips and tricks confidence advice, and much more.

    This blog is directed to teens and pre-teens created by a teen herself. It will be an anonymous blog so I will post photos just not of myself . I hope you girls enjoy my blog. And I need ideas for posts so please in the comment section give me your thoughts on what type of post you want to see next.